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Incredible food prepared by a professional staff for your event. We take care of the details so you can focus on what's most important

We know that your event deserves nothing less than perfection, from the hors d'oeuvres to the decadent desserts Dee's Lush Kitchen has you covered. We have the knowledge of fine cuisine and baking that bring an extra element of class and satisfaction to any event. Work with us to design a unique menu that will reflect you and leave with the guests truly satisfied. Dee's Lush Kitchen is available for any special event, from weddings, birthdays or business parties. Let us know how we can make your vision for a truly special occasion a reality


For your catering experience Dee's Lush Kitchen offers the finest in organic produce and foods. We pride ourselves in being Portland's source for good nutritious meals when it comes to your special event. We know here at Dee's Lush Kitchen that quality matters, bringing that motto into every unique occasion. 

"Dee's is the best food. Flavorful, homemade sauces atop perfectly grilled vegetables, chicken, brown rice, avocado and so much love. My belly was kept happy and healthy at festivals and my tastebuds reached samadhi"


"Dude, absolutely rockin' feasts and eats!!! Fed me through a few different festivals and events! A great whole food palace for the home away from home! Thank you loads Dee's Dillas!!!"


"The food is fantastic! I have a very specific diet and they cover the protein, greens, and flavor that I love! Super grateful to have Dee’s Lush Kitchen around! So delicious and keeps my energy going! Thank you!"


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